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Week 8 Literature Review

Week 8 Literature Review


Assignment Instructions:

I posted the sample Thesis paper and the capstone manual.  Also, use the previous work for to continue the assignment.

• Review your articles/sources and continue writing your 25 -page literature review due this week.

• Submit your Draft Thesis Literature Review

Thesis Literature Review (See Appendix 1: MA Theses and Appendix 2: MA Creative Project of the 2012 Capstone Manual)

Thesis Literature Review: reviews the literature on a specific research question. The literature review focuses on discussing how other researchers have addressed the same or similar research questions. It introduces the study and places it in larger context that includes a discussion of why it is important to study this case. It provides the current state of accumulated knowledge as it relates to the student’s specific research question.

  • Summarize the general state of the literature (cumulative knowledge base) on the specific research question:

Study one: summarize to include researcher’s findings, how those findings were obtained, and evaluation of biases in the findings.- Study two: summarize to include researcher’s findings, how those findings were obtained, and evaluation of biases in the findings.

Include a minimum of at least three of the most important studies.

Include a short conclusion and transition to the next section.
To help you meet your final paper requirement. Please review the rubric and Capstone Manual for more specific guidelines on expectations; however, please note you are to provide comprehensive analysis of details, facts, and concepts in a logical sequence. You should demonstrate a higher- level of critical thinking necessary for 500-600 level work. You are to provide well-supported ideas and reflection with a variety of current and/or world views in the assignment. You are expected to present a genuine intellectual development of ideas throughout assignment. You should thoroughly understand and excel in explaining all major points. An original, unique, and/or imaginative approach to overall ideas, concepts, and findings is required. Overall format of assignment needs to include an appropriate introduction (or abstract), well- developed paragraphs, and conclusion. Finished assignment demonstrates your ability to plan and organize research in a logical sequence. You are expected to use at least of 25 or more references in your literature review.