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About Nectar Studies

At NECTAR STUDIES, we believe that every student deserves a chance to thrive in school. As such, we purpose to provide you with timely assistance by crafting our writing services around  essays and homework preparation, lab reports preparation, creative writing, nursing and business related research among other subjects. We also offer professional editing services,  thesis topic creation and research. Most importantly, we handle entire classes/courses and thereby ensuring continuity/ continuous improvement. Begin your journey with us here.



Why Nectar Studies ?

Learn At Home

With education bringing the choice of taking physical or online classes, you can easily pick the learning from home option and work with us to push your gades up at the comfort of your home


72+ subjects

We have select teams with the capacity to cover over 75 courses with specialization in 21. As we grow, we have continued to expand our expertise to match our clients needs across all academic fields


Real Time Support. (24/7)

 We understand each student has special needs that may often need clarificaion through live chats with our support teams. Therefore, we provide individual suport to all clients on a 24/7 hour basis

Strong Community

Homework tips has built an entire community across The United States, Canada, Australia and the U.K. We are best suited to meet needs across these countries and a little bit of the Middle East

Expert Tutors

Our teams are carefully selected through a rigorous exercise that allows us to grow with the best writers and those that show much promise. Each assignment is matched to an expert that best matches its requirements

Online Exam Taking

Each exm has a set of requirements that must be met before taking. We endevour to prepare our clients till they are confident to take them. On special situations, we can take the exam if the system allows

Our Focus

Our focus is to ensure that Student Satisfaction is met. This is by ensuring, Assignments are done on time, Top grades achieved and tutoring services done to clients satisfaction. This way, the clients gets value .

  • Subject Tutoring
  • College Prep
  • Test Prep

Let’s Learn Together! 

The reality is Hard Work doesn’t always pay, But working SMART always give you an advantage. Ease your academic journey, get amazing grades and no one ever has to know. We GUARANTEE confidentiality.

+1 (510) 514-0763