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Week 7 Dialogue SPMT 301

Week 7 Dialogue SPMT 301


For this week’s group dialogue, please respond to the prompt stated below. A grading rubric for this assignment can be found in the “Grades and Progress” section of the main menu. Locate the assignment and click on “View Rubric.”

This week’s dialogue prompt is:

You are learning about governance issues arising with high school and collegiate athletics.  Here, you will take what you learned to discern between divisions of collegiate athletics.  Most of you have heard of the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA), but prior to this course, how familiar were you with their governance structure?  Did you realize that the governance structure for Division I does not look like Divisions II and III?  Based on what you have learned from your textbook, and can cull from the NCAA’s website, identify key differences between each of the divisions.  Why are the divisions structured differently, and what benefits and challenges might each structure have in each division?  If you were to change any of the structures, how would you alter the governance structures, and why?  You can start with your text and the NCAA website, which provides governance information under each divisional tab (Division I, Division II, and Division III).  [You must properly cite your Sharp text and at least one outside resource using APA format, not including constitutional provisions, statutes, ordinances, or other laws, rules, and regulations.]

To submit your post, you can either click on the link above to directly access the Group Page or on your Group link on the side menu. When you are on the Group Page, click on the group highlighted for you. Once inside, click on the Discussion Board option. Then, click on the dialogue link for that week. Click on Add Thread to create a space for your post. Click Submit to make your post available to the rest of the class. To respond to other students’ threads, click on Reply button in the bottom left corner inside of a message.