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Week 7 Assignment 1

Week 7 Assignment 1

Assessment Description

Using email as a communication tool between teachers and families is helpful for the home/school connection and can be useful for informing families or caregivers of their student’s academic progress. Teachers should remember to keep all such emails informative, succinct, and professional, but still include a personal touch. In addition, all forms of communication between teachers and families should be unbiased and suitable for diverse family audiences.

For this assignment, compose a 500-750 word formal email that could be sent to the family of one of the students with whom you worked in your field experiences. In the email, provide the family useful information on their child’s current academic performance, citing assessment data gathered. While this email will not actually be sent, you should still write the email in a professional, yet personable way, and include the following:

  • A summary of the learning pre-assessment and post-assessment results
  • A brief description of the intervention activity you implemented to support the learning
  • The goal you set with the student and a plan for a week to work towards the goal in the classroom
  • Two home instructional activities that can be used to support additional learning at home
  • Any additional information you deem useful for the family that would help them support the academic development of their child