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KINS 256 – Skeletal Muscle

KINS 256 – Skeletal Muscle

KINS 256 – Skeletal Muscle System Worksheet

Provide a response to the following prompts. You are encouraged to work with your classmates, but each group member should submit their own unique work. Once you have completed your worksheet, submit via Canvas.

1. Outline (including what occurs) the steps involved in the contraction of a muscle

2. Discuss the different muscle fiber types. For each, explain what types of activities they are better suited for, and why.

3. Explain the length-tension relationship. How does this influence exercise?

4. Discuss the physiological effects of endurance training on skeletal muscle.

5. Discuss the physiological effects of resistance training on skeletal muscle

6. Discuss the effects of concurrent training on skeletal muscle

7. What is DOMS and what leads to its development of this?

8. During a back squat, what types of muscle actions take place? What type of muscle action will limit the maximal amount of weight than can be lifted?