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Ethics in Action – Drivers of Migration

Ethics in Action – Drivers of Migration

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  1. Watch the short video Ethics in Action – Drivers of Migration, Human Trafficking, and Modern SlaveryLinks to an external site..
  2. Post one of the basic five ethical principles listed below and how it applies to the issues in the video:
    1. Automony
    2. Justice
    3. Beneficence
    4. Non-maleficence
    5. Fidelity


The topics that were discussed throughout the video were relative to several ethical issues with justice being one of the biggest concerns. The numbers of migrants continue to rise and those individuals who have been migrating are not voluntarily leaving their homelands. Many of these individuals flee the country because of environmental hazards, poverty, and violence. The most fundamental principle of justice is to assure that all individuals are treated fairly. If foreign countries had enough resources and proper funding to care for those who are inhabiting their land, there would not be as many people trying to flee. My family for example chose to leave their country because they realized that living in the United States would grant them better opportunities to raise families and receive a proper education. Several schools in Colombia did not teach children how to speak English. It was also a dangerous time to live in Colombia because there was a lot of violence on the streets. Access to resources is a vital principle of social justice. All individuals deserve to receive equal access to resources such as education, money, food, and safety. There needs to be a stronger emphasis on human rights because we all deserve to have the same opportunities. As stated in the video, we all should strive to live in a world that is viable economically, socially, and politically. Once we achieve this, the numbers of people forced out of their homes can return and raise their families without concerns of danger.