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Analyzing The School Begins

Analyzing The School Begins

Source Analysis:  Complete the following source analysis questions by analyzing the “School Begins”

Source Analysis:  Complete the following source analysis questions by analyzing the “School Begins” cartoon and more specifically the scene with the Native American sitting on the other side of the “classroom.”

What is the historical context of that scene? In other words, what was the U.S. policy toward Native Americans in the mid to late 19th century? Did most Native Americans have the right to vote? Were they citizens? (Remember that the cartoon was created in 1899, so what happened afterwards cannot help us understand Dalrymple’s message.)

Why did Dalrymple include the image of the Native American “student” in his cartoon? How does the scene of the Native American “student” help Dalrymple convey his main message of the cartoon as a whole? Describe specific symbols used to help support your analysis. (Hint: Dalrymple’s main message is mentioned briefly above and in greater detail in the lesson.)

Sneak Peek of the Introduction to a Similar Paper

The scene with the Native American in the “School Begins” cartoon takes place during a period in American history when the United States government practised forced removal and assimilation of Native Americans. These programs attempted to deprive Native Americans of their cultural identity and educate them in European-American customs, often through boarding schools. Unfortunately, most Native Americans at the time did not have the right to vote or were not considered citizens.

Dalrymple used the image of a Native American “student” to convey his main message about the American school system. He wished to demonstrate that ………………………..

the educational system was not inclusive and did not provide equal opportunity to all students. Dalrymple underlines the message of inequity in the American education system by comparing the well-equipped and well-funded European-American school with the Native American pupil who is segregated and waiting outdoors in the cold. The usage of symbols, such as the fence that separates the Native American student from the European-American kids, as well as the fact that the Native American student is dressed in traditional garb, reinforces this message.
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